Dessert's ON me tonight...

...literally. Mmm chocolate body paint. How delicious and fun would this be?!

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im not a chocolate lover, but i will make an exception when it comes to this type of dessert.

Sounds fun...I'm ready!

Well,i see dinner and desert is filled up,im requesting first dibbs on cleaning you up,now that could really be interesting. :)

I'll take mine to go.

Haha! As you wish. ; ))~

preceded by a full seven course "meal" i hope ;-)

Oh, but of course, and then dessert again. ;-b

haha well dinner is on me then…and dessert's on you ;-)

It was suggested to me recently that Nutella is perhaps an even better condiment for this purpose?

Jake, Jake, Jake. What am I gonna do with you honey?

Let me think... Nutella or Honey...
both have possibilities.

I know! YOU pick!

Why pick? Let's have both...

Yummmmm...*drools a little*

I'm thinking "warm Nutella" and "cooled Honey" for the "drizzle factor"!

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I don't think words could describe how much fun that would be. Probably more fun than 2, well at least 2, people should have, lol. Thank you for that fun thought. thoughts are, well, fun! ;-}

Indeed they are. Your naughtiness and playfulness just push them deliciously over the top, lol.


...thoughts of a couple of fun games - connect the dots and follow the painted trail. ;)

I like your thoughts. ; )

If you are ever in the area stop by. i just got 3 containers of Chocolate Body Icing a few weeks ago. I need someone to share them with.

Oh?? Chocolate body icing and sharing..mmhm things I like. ; )

i love to share. I have this house all to myself. And no one to share with. So it will be fun.


I'm in the mood for dessert! ;-)

Can we have dessert before breakfast please?! ;D

That would be my pleasure! I'm flexible... *wink*

Two great tastes that taste great together :)

Sound like a feast ,But I think more is needed than just Chocolate,such as strawberrys,whipped cream,or even red cherries.So many things to enlighten the taste buds

Ooh yes! A little smorgasbord of creamy delights. : )

pick me pick me

; )

I just came across your post and looking at your profile pic and picturing you covered in nothing but chocolate.. MMMMM how erotic and what a vision.

Very good

You need strawberry sauce and whipped cream yet. Add the chocolate and there you have it--a 3 course meal(feast).

MmHm! A feast indeed.

Indeed! There are a number of possibilities with that combo!

hehe, we have tried this before, the result is quite a licking and sucking. which i suppose might be the point. so how did it turn out?

hahaaha, that sounds fun, what a mess though:-), I could see that stuff spread all over my face, I need a shower just from the thought

I'm not a very good artist but, a little game of connect the dots, and see where they lead , might be fun : ))

That sounds like a devilishly delicious time for both of you.

Mmmmm three of my favorite things, chocolate, a woman's form, and art....count me in

sounds quite tasty :)

Now THAT would be a dessert, in more ways than one! :) We've actually done similar things - like dinner and ice cream sundaes for dessert - but have to feed each other and no utensils allowed! Can become a very fun evening! :)

Sounds like a fun time

Oh my goodness.

Mmmm, chocolate is delicious. Especially if eaten with the right person, or on!