I'm supposed to be getting married in a few months and really need to lose some weight before i say i do.  But the problem is that everynight i get an urge to have a bar of chocolate.  My boyfriend doesn't help cos he's as bad as me.  

I keep on trying diets, but nothing works.

I am not that bothered about losing weight as i feel quite comfortable with my body and my boyfriend loves me the way i am, it's just i ant gonna look good in a white dress the way i am now.  I want to look nice in the wedding photos and in years to come i want to look back and think 'dont we look good together' and not 'look at the size of my arse'


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2 Responses Jun 4, 2007

--you've already said "I do".
the rest is show and tell.

"My boyfriend doesn't help cos he's as bad as me." <--that's funny. chocolate Rocks!

It doesn't matter what you look like as long as you are healthy and happy. If you are worried about it though you could set a limit for yourself like a certain amount a day or no more chocolate until I run my errands, do the laundry, etc. If you really want to lose the weight don't worry so much about having too much chocolate though don't worry so much about diet. Exercise will help get you results faster. I love taking walks when it is breezy and cool especially in spring. Don't spend $100's of dollars on exercise eqiptment make it something you will have fun doing and enjoy it... SEX is a better example. Good Luck and Best wishes to the bride and groom.