Chocoholics Anom... 12 Steps Is 11 Too Many

Chocolate is the best, I am a Chocoholic . Tis a goo-o-od thing. Couldn't join the Chocoholics group because,  it was 11 steps too far from nearest choclolate.         

 Bon Appitite all!

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must discipline myself to <br />
live without chocolate!

A good friend is wonderful. A good friend with chocolate is even better!

Yeah, happy, deep buttery black or white, by its self, or with nuts and cream, and crunchy things. Go for chocolate on your birthday. <br />
<br />

You? A chocolate freak? That is SOOOOO the understatement of the year! <br />
<br />
Oh and how can you be a chocoholic and an MSP-aholic... hhmmm Cheatin' on me again huh<br />
<br />
*giggles*<br />
Happy Birthday Dork!

Yes, we understand and heartily support your addiction to chocolate!<br />

Kudos to MnM AND Radiant! Clever and witty here! :) I won't bother pleading the 5th.... I'm GUILTY, GUILTY, GUILTY! And I'm honest enough about my addiction to tell you I will NOT become a RECOVERING chocoholic any time too soon! :)

Chocolate Truisims:<br />
<br />
You can't have your chocolate and eat it too. <br />
One good chocolate deserves another. <br />
Too many chocolates do not spoil the chocolate sauce. <br />
Chocolate heals all wounds. <br />
Chocolate is better than nothing.<br />
Pray that chocolate strikes twice in the same place. <br />
Chocolate showers bring chocolate flowers. <br />
The best chocolate in life is free. <br />
The chocolate justifies the means.<br />
Chocolate is the soul of wit. <br />
<br />
So go Chocolate, <br />
<br />

Funny!!! And I agree completely.

But only one and thats as far as i'm gettin from the chocolate. Your reputation precedes you. Lol,<br />

You are one step over the line! LMAO