THE Horror, the Horror




I found this on the news yesterday :

"Hershey’s has switched to less expensive ingredients in several of its products. In particular, cocoa butter — the ingredient famous for giving chocolate its creamy, melt-in-your-mouth texture — has been replaced with vegetable oil.

The removal of cocoa butter violates the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s definition of milk chocolate, so subtle changes have appeared on the labels of the Hershey’s products with altered recipes. Products once labeled “milk chocolate” now say “chocolate candy,” “made with chocolate” or “chocolatey.”


Hershey, why , why did you do this to us ?


It´s a clear sign the world is coming to an end.


Hope Cadbury and Toblerone dont follow into these footsteps  !!!

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9 Responses Sep 22, 2008

I think there are a lot of products now that companies have modified as to manufacture for less. I have two Australian Shepherds and three weeks ago I purchased Frontline as usual and the fleas didn't budge. I went back to the vet and was told that many pet owners were complaining. They suggested another topical and a week later they still have a few fleas but I chalk that up to running in and out. I think the fleas are dying soon after biting my dogs.

most corporations decrease the products size in order to increase profitability. hypathetically: doritos are sold in 16 oz bags for $4.99 - to increase profit, they now are sold in 13 oz bags for the same price. <br />
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hershey is good chocolate; not great, not fantastic - but good. why screw with it over money?? <br />
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c'mon! hershey is not just a product, it's a brand and it is marketed. hershey, pa anyone? they have an amusment park, a spa, all the tourist traps - its is a destination. why, again, do they have to change the ingredients in a chocolate bar to make money?? bull$hit!!!!! <br />
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i will NOT buy hershey - i will NOT give them my money. it won't bankrupt the company, i know. but my cash is going to the good stuff - the honest people who adore chocolate like i do.

Oh man.<br />
Thank goodness I already turn my nose up at Hershey's!<br />
<br />
Cadbury's and Ghirardelli all the way.

I'm so disappointed in Hershey. That's my favorite candy bar. Why not just raise the price per bar? I'd be willing to pay...

Not only did the company get sold. But the product will not be the great stuff we love. Also the size will be smaller... :(

Je-sus!<br />
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I did not hear this; I did hear that the cost was going up because their costs were going up. And you know what? I don't HAVE to eat chocolate in a candy bar form - there is chocolate we can get to fill our addiction. Chocolate cake, chocolate pie, import it if we flippin' have to! <br />
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We need to stick together on this; maybe it's time we start flooding their website w/complaints? Boycott? <br />
What can we do? Power in numbers ..... <br />
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I am outraged!

Since it isn't really 'chocolate' anymore, according to the FDA (and the tastebuds of chocoholics everywhere) maybe the retailers could be pursuaded to put the mockolate on a different shelf altogether... it isn't an unreasonable request, I mean, it seems a different product altogether. That way there will be no need for the reading glasses UC :) And people won't accidentally buy mockolate when they are jonesing for a real chocolate fix. Because if that happens enough the retailers will have a riot on their hands I'm sure...

It certainly is a disappointment that cost has driven a great american company to bow down to a cost driven manufacturing process. Heck...raise the price and use the good stuff, I would pay it with pleasure!

That's awful! Were you a loyal supporter? We don't have Hershey here (well, not in a big way) so I'm more of a Cadbury and Lindt girl... if they did this I... would not be happy :( You're going to have to buy as much real Hershey as you can now, while you still can... ;)