I Am a Complete Chocoholic

My friends quickly realized this when I would devour half a sheet of chocolate cake or finish off their plates at the 'Chocolate Buffet' on our Caribbean cruise. Tease me with a bar of dark chocolate and I'll literally bite your finger off - as my husband can attest :) One thing that I am most proud of is converting non-chocolatiers into chocolate-likers. Example A would be my husband. He didn't care much about dessert or chocolate when we met, but his eyes now grow as big as mine when there is chocolate in front of us :) Well... maybe half as big - he is after all, still only a chocolate-liker :) I'm also a firm believer that there is an extra pouch in our tummies for chocolate and chocolate desserts. No matter how full you are from a meal, there's always room for chocolate :) Yes, I am proud to say that chocolate - dark chocolate to be exact - has a special place in my heart just like how it has a special place in my tummy!!!
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11 Responses Oct 5, 2008

I think shouldnt judge you i bet your beatiful you just cant relieze it yet but dont let no one judge you people tease for his weight but they see me and their like tats your dd im lik yea cuz i iii love him and your friends should appreciate you by how you eat until you want to change

be proud ,im a cookieholic myself

not only is it just delicious "the necture of the gods"it a antidepressent and aphodishiac.....with lots of antioxident....chocolate is just so good

I agree with the extra stomach because i always have room for dessert unless my dinner ran into there.

Thinking of chocolate makes my mouth watering.

I love dark chocolate!

I went out and bought chocolate of the diet kind weight watcher brownie sundae ...delicious

Yeah! Hersheys dark chocolate is one of my favorites too. Smiles

Yes chocolate is one of the most wonderful things in the world ( It is not many of them ) It is nice to have this sweet friend at home.

hersheys dark chocolate is one i really like ,i have to have some kind every day. thank you for your story, it made my day to know someone else has my passion.

Dark Chocolate INDEED! Cannot resist..must have some every day, and it must be the best! Had mine today so I am happy.