I Dislike Chocolate. ...

I dislike chocolate. I'm not a fan of anything sweet.
themiget themiget
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So are you a fan of sour and spicy foods?

Good for your weight and teeth, but still a bit sad :-0

thats one of the saddest things i have ever heard...

Don't confuse chocolate with sweet. 80% and higher chocolate IS NOT sweet. :O

Les Gasp. Meh...I hate sweets EXCEPT chocolate. More of a *sour* person myself.

I wish I could be that way. I love all sweets.

Wow, wish I was like that.

That's ok we all have our own oppenons I personally love choclet

Sometimes, if one hates something, it could be ba<x>sed on an allergy. The distaste may even be ba<x>sed on instinct in that it will do you harm.

You could try 99% cocoa chocolate - it's very bitter!

Also there's an 'I hate chocolate' group on this site.

Or, he could start one.

He is being sarcastic guys! He really loves it! Isn't that right themiget?

Wrong group!

chocalate really isnt sweet they add sugar to it,its a really bittersweet bean they breakdown,liquify and sweeten.