Raspbery filled Lindt truffles shalt forever be mine favorite.



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even looks like canada

Boundary Waters Canoe Area. Very pretty.


It's freakishly close to where I live... We share the BWCA.

it is cool though Canada is awful close to where i live!

I have no idea..

I just don't see how spending more money is going to help us...

Yeah, same here. I don't think he's as great as most people do. We'll see.

think about it even more with how the economy is going... Sure hope obama knows what he is doing... i am not a fan but i am not afraid to admit when i am wrong. Though im not sure i am wrong yet.

Dunno... it all kinda sucks when you think about it too much.

It sucks though it is a good thing for loans... I can pay it back pretty fast with how much my job after school is suppose to pay me, but with out that how are we expected to advance through out the crappy fast food jobs offered to us?

Yeahh... Mine's going to be quite expensive too. :/

lucky for me it is only 2 years long, but it will still be around 40k

Dark chocolate ones are good too. They're all good. Except white chocolate, I just hate white chocolate. <br />
<br />
Yeah, I won't either... Stupid school.

I won't be taking any trips for a very long time... Saving up for school atm.

mmhmmmm... I love the dark chocolate ones.. but I have never had the rasberry ones before...

Better than Legos and Lindt? Nothing.<br />
<br />
Unless this can somehow be applied to sex.

You should take a trip sometime... It's a good time.<br />
<br />
They taste like... heaven... My favorite ones are chocolate balls filled with creamy chocolate and a raspberry flavor. They're so good.

I never been to the MOA i live pretty far away from it after all. Btw what does a truffle taste like?

Mmm... chocolate sounds so good right now. Another reason to go to the MOA. There's a lady in the Lindt store that makes you take a free sample or three. I like her. Legos and Lindt, what could be better?

No you cannot.

Those are DAMNED GOOD!!!!! Raspberry and chocolate, you can't go wrong!