Especially In Chip Form....

I have a serious problem. My chocolate cravings are worse than most- i need it at leats once a day if not more, and if i cant get to it i'll just like eat and eat and eat other sugary things trying to fill the craving but NOTHING can fill the void untill I get CHOCOLATE!!!!! Its insanity people, insanity. I need an intervention. Or atleast fro someone to invent low calorie choclate... that doesnt taste like ***.
captncannuck captncannuck
18-21, F
2 Responses Aug 19, 2007

Yeah I have chocolate stashes around the house... and my partner always has to LITERALLY drag me away from the confectionery section of the supermarket before I go gaga :P

Are you talking about chocolate? I want some now!. I think I have some in my bedroom, somewhere, do u want?. Chocolate is my fuel :S