well i have to write a story know (why did i have to click on yes to answer the question-lol)

I cannot fathom how someone could NOT LOVE chocolate!

I'll be short and sweet- watch the original Willy Wonka or the movie Chocolat- how are you not moved by the beauty of chocolate!

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So I wasn't the only one that craved chocolate after watching Willy Wonka.

Aren't you worried about getting great big painful zits on your vulva from eating too much chocolate? I am

I LOVE BOTH OF THOSE FILMS! Especially Chocolat, when I get some *giggles* I feel like the dude that was busted sleeping in the shop window after gorging himself on chocolates. The scene when a bit got on his lip,,, priceless! lol

I really like the stuff, because it makes me happy and there is nothing like sharing<br />
this with a friend or family member to put a smile on their face.

I am totally adicted to them dave dark chocolate little wedges. I think they are really great and I really love them.. I guess its better that drugs and smoking

yummmmy....I like double chocolate mousse cake...