Craving chocolate-covered strawberries. This is why it's hard for me to go on a diet. I have cravings and it's hard not to act on it. Lol. Food is my weakness. I'm not overweight but I DO WANT to LOSE WEiGHT. #kindatrying #notreally #butsoonthough
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I just don't say I'm on a diet, because I no longer believe in them, Every once in a while, I simply enjoy a good piece of chocolate & I still lose weight.

Give in to the craving with moderation and a walk. It all balances out in the end. Besides, dark chocolate is good for your heart and fruit is healthy. See? What's life without a good rationalization?? Lol


i loved eating chocolates, now i only eat few brands, kitkat is one of them

Yes, kitkat 🍫