Decadent, Lucious, Irresistible Chocolate

My love affair with chocolate began quite innocently a long time ago.  Every time I tried to break off the affair I am consumed with unrelenting thoughts of chocolate!  A co-worker preparing for her retirement recently decided to give parting gifts of Godiva chocolate bars to those who worked with her.  Lucky me, I was one of them.  She came to my desk fanning about 3 different types of Godiva bars and I selected the raspberry dark chocolate.  Oh goodness!  I could hardly wait to tear into the gold wrapper that stood between me and that bar.  I broke off the top section and to my surprise the red raspberry liquid center spilled out like sweet nectar.  The mix of raspberry liquid and dark chocolate was oh so decadent.

Sometimes I wonder if I had a proper romance in my life would I give up chocolate.  I must admit I do have a selective palate when it comes to chocolate and it has to be just the right flavor - smooth, rich, creamy, sweet but not too sweet.  I always feel like I've done something extra naughty after eating a whole bar of chocolate.  However, feeling guilty does not stop me should another opportunity present itself.  

I once entered a restaurant with my best friend to enjoy a meal and a bit of chit chat.  After dinner I decided to look over the dessert menu of course and there calling to me from the glossy pages was a dessert called "Death by Chocolate"...........hmmmm......I thought to myself and it did not take long before I motioned for the waiter to bring me one.  Of course my svelte, well groomed friend decided against ordering a dessert.  I on the other hand without hesitation delved into the three layers of decadence.  Three different types of chocolate in those layers topped with a rich velvety smooth frosting.  I closed my eyes and tried not to moan aloud as the tasty morsels left my fork and touched my waiting taste buds.  My friend sat there as though about to break into a sweat and I invited her to taste.  She tasted only a small portion keeping herself in tight control.  I enjoyed every morsel with flair and vowed that we would meet again someday.

I could go on and on with my chocolate encounters but will stop here least I am considered a bit more insane than I am.

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1 Response Feb 10, 2010

Thank you friend! Chocolate has been my best food friend since I was a kid. And I heartily agree with the combination of rasphberry liquid centers!<br />
Your writing has flare, and this one certainly touches on a subject of which many do relate.<br />
<br />