Love Dark Chocolate.

So I really love dark chocolate , the darker the better, or so I thought.

One time, I came across one bar (a good brand) that's 80% coaco??
I bought it and tried it, and it was too bitter for me. It was just too much. So for those of you who like dark chocolate, you might want to test the boundary at 80%.

O and I LUV toblerone bars. omg they are awesome. doesn't help that i am trying to go on a diet either =(

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3 Responses Feb 11, 2010

Nah, they're not too bitter... love all my belgian chocs... go chocs!

This happened to me too. 80% is too bitter. I love lindt, toblerone, cote d'or, milka, baci, perugina. I wish I can taste again the Rogers chocolate which I found in Canada when I was there in BC.

I luv chocolate too. Delicious!!!