Why I Love Chocolate

Hello My name is Emely  and I love chocolate more then fancy clothes or anything else.

 My problem started with my mom......My mom never understood  me since I was a young girl. We were always fighting  screaming at each other and not seen eye to eye. My mother always favor my older brother to her he could never do wrong  he was the world to her. She use to tell me all the time if you weren't so fat people would care of you if you didn't eat so much chocolate you wouldn't be so fat. So I continue eating chocolate to free away from the pain of my mom been the way that way to me. I'm 29 years old  and the first thing I think of is chocolate and the last thing i think of when I go to eat is chocolate. Is just another  way to me of letting go of my pain of not having a good relationship when I was  a child. About 6 months ago my mom passed away and it hurts me so much because for the last past 7 years  I took over in taking care of her and supporting her thought her illness.  When my en tired family thought that I was going to walk away from her and not care what happen to her. Well I  took care of my mother wile my brother turned his back  on her all because he got married and he had a new  family. Well to  make these story short during the time  that I was taking care of my mom I never tasted a piece of chocolate I refuse to eat it because I thought that it would make my mom happy and it would bring us together for me to give it up. On the day that she past away  I was So scared of what I has just went through I started eating it again  that night I ate 10 chocolate bars by my self in her  Hospital  room and asking  her to stay with me  to please forgive me for been a bad  daughter  to her and to please not to leave me  because without her I was nothing.  Right now I just ate  a Chocolate while I'm crying and thinking of what my mom use to tell me when i was a child. These is Why I love Chocolate and maybe I will never stop unless I get helped with my mothers death  and miss treatments when I was a Child.

GorditaBonita GorditaBonita
26-30, F
Feb 27, 2010