Chocolate Makes My Life Go On :)

Chocolate is my favorite snack; my favorite food; my favorite sweet thing  and my best friend :D

When I am happy hanging out  with my friends , when I'm feeling lonely or when I spend hours and hours on the internet  a fine  piece of chocolate will be always welcomed ;)

At the biggening I wasn't "addicted to chocolate" but in the past few weeks I find myself looking desperatly in the kitchen for some chocolate. It is hilarious and even if I am getting fat ( that really can bee seen..) I just can't stop buying tons of chocolate .

I alsow do random things , like : putting a bitten choclate piece as a cursor for my laptop or even joining this group:D


I am eating chocolate right now!

For all the choco-fans: enjoy you're sweet snack! :)

wierdlikeme wierdlikeme
13-15, F
Feb 27, 2010