Well I live in a sexless marriage so what else is there??? ..........CHOCOLATE!!!!! LOL!!!! Chocolate will never let you down..well unless you think getting fat is a bad thing ROFL!!!


BTW my favorite Chocoate is my Canadian chocolate yummmm!! If you have never tried it I highly recommend Coffee Crisp and Aero and there is nothing like  a canadian kit kat ( yes they are different)

Speaking of I think I will eat a chocolate bar now yummm


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Sounds tasty. LOL...I am new to this community and saw your profile here and thought you might want a friend to chat with. I am in the same type of marriage and am looking for new friends in the same situation to correspond with to try and not feel so alone in the world. If you would like a sympathetic ear please drop me a note when you have some time. Take care and I hope to hear from you soon