Chocolate Rocks!

I am a CHOCOHOLIC. I love all chocolate except Dutch(its very bitter). I used to grab a bar n sneak it in my room, stash it, n talet EAT it. I always make it a point to tell ppl that I love chocolate. Any questions PLZ comment. (yea this isn't really a story)

TomBoyDawg TomBoyDawg
22-25, F
2 Responses Mar 29, 2010

WOW u commented 2wice. did u mean to or or did u do it on accident? eh well tytytyty

i love chocolate too, everything chocolatey freaks me out, i love lindt chocolate, i love dark chocolate, i love maltesers and i love hershey's. i totally like chocolate ice cream and cake. i agree with you, chocolate rocks.