Baby Loves Chocolate

I'm about 8 months pregnant and everytime I have chocolate baby loves it in that baby rolls around and kicks me and wants more and then baby falls asleep on a chocolate high! I always sneak a whole chocolate block whenever I go to the Aldi store down our street. Love it to bits. I consider it a crime in my household if you don't like chocolate, hehe:).


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6 Responses Apr 9, 2010

Very chocolate :)

How adorable. If I were in a mommy's tummy, and she had lush chocolate, I'd probably love it also:)

If you are ever in Pakenham, come and visit our Chocolate Shop. You get an altered state of consciousness just walking in and smelling it. Have you ever done the chocolate tour? I am doing one in a week's time. Ends with Death By Chocolate!

Cool, thanks. I hope you had a great tour. I hope you found some really good place and got some inspiration for your own chocolate store. It helps getting to know the competition! Have a great week. Peace and Love


Thanks Mike, have a great week.

Thanks alisha! have a great week!

Aww, thats cute, oh and by the way, i hope your baby come healthy, i am sure u will be a brilliant mother! :)