Because Of Its Different Feeling :)

I was born Chinese, and noodles are just genetically loved lol

People here (Indonesia) sometimes have noodles with spoons, or forks, but I just love it with chopsticks.
Chopsticks give different feeling with the noodles, though I am not an expert at holding them :)

Also love to use it when we have such thing like "makan meja" (literally translated into English will be: table eating) which means you sit around a usually round table with some integrated, spinning table on our table (smaller, and in the middle), and then anybody wanting the meals, they just move that spinning table and take one, two pieces of whatever served there with your chopsticks :)

Aww, really love it!!

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11 Responses Aug 2, 2010

hahaha! semangka? watermelon? then I should agree that I have coco belly. hahaha! (laughing hard)

my belly is as big as semangka! hehe now u go searching it by google!! hehehee.. coco belly is yours! ^^,

like the coco belly of my momma? mwahaha!

.. and a big belly like coco belly!! ^^,

haha! like momma, like daughter. do you really have to focus eating noodles? hehe! *hey, talk to me, stop focusing on your noodles. chinese said, noodles can give you a longer life. viva momma!

high five!! ^^, i eat while watching tv or talking with my family, also with spoon... but with noodles, i will only look at my noodles and focus on it and the chopsticks do their part fast lol

In our country, there is a restaurant where you should eat using natural chopsticks. no utensils offered. Haha! But we traditionally use that at home. ^^, (but again) I don't usually do that at home. I love eating using spoon only, holding my plate with my left hand while watching TV.

cease fire!! ^^,

oopps! two hungry persons are dangerous! they can join force to eat a lot at an all-u-can-eat restaurant!! danger! :) :) :)

aww haha u are wild! lol nah, never, but i use my hands too when having fried chicken at the restaurant, and it is just natural here in Indonesia, especially the one with Sundanese meals, we got steamed fish, fried fish, vegetables dipped into the hot chili sauce uhhhh hungry now! hehe

loving it too: natural chopsticks! another good feeling!! ^^,