I Don't Care What People Say!

The whole world hates him but I don't.  It's been this way since I was twelve and each year my love for him intensifies and each time I see or hear him I'm left breathless and die a little more on the inside because I can't have him. He doesn't even know I exist and chances of me EVER getting to meet him are TINY but one thing I know is I'll always be crazy for Chris Brown no matter what. Yeah he's hated by most of the media and millions of other artists, yes he struggles a bit with his temper but being human means no one's perfect right? But we ought to all be forgiving shouldn't we? Yes he hit a woman, I don't condone that one bit and am not saying that it's acceptable because he's talented. I'm saying no one's God, you can't judge him and besides he dances and sings better than most people his age, his artwork is remarkable and he makes all his performances exceptionally electrifying. As his fans we receive free music for him until his album Fortune is released due to its delay and he's started off a you collection, sells puppies and directs music videos...sometimes I start to wonder how he manages to do all that but realise its probably easy and its a great way to release his pent up frustration and feelings. Yes Chris has had a few slip ups but despite that in just the last year he's shown his capabilities and won the hearts of millions as well as gaining millions of haters. His music is my nutrition, it keeps me strong and rejuvenated when I really don't feel like it is possible to continue. There is no other man I can love more than him and it's not blind love, I say this after being a fan for years and after realising the outstanding lyrical brilliance of his songs and being dazed by his captivating dance moves. Chris Brown isn't perfect.....are you perfect? Are you God? Then how can you judge him and point out all his flaws, yanking them to preposterous proportions just because you can't stand him because of his mistake? Well whatever you say or do nothing can stop me from admiring and adoring him and your hate? Your hate motivates not just me but him as well to be much better than you can ever be. 
WordHustler1995 WordHustler1995
18-21, F
May 25, 2012