Tossed Salad, Jelly, and Syrup Will Never Be the Same

Some of Chris Rock's routines enter the realm of the disturbing and plain outright gross. ("Having your salad tossed means having your ******* eaten out with jelly or syrup. I prefer syrup.") But overall, I dig his overt politics. Being a person-of-color myself, I can relate to how he feels he always had to live in two different worlds growing up. On one hand, there is still a lot of institutionalized racism out there against people-of-color. Sure, segregation has been abolished, and we pay lip service to the fact that everyone is supposedly equal, but things like Don Imus' rantings and ravings, or that story about that town in the South where they finally had an integrated prom, or even just the tribute to Jackie Robinson on the 50th anniversary of his first game in the Majors. This was only two generations ago, when it was natural for white people and people-of-color to be separate, and where people-of-color were naturally considered to be inferior. Add to that this whole so-called war on terror, which disproportionately affects people-of-color even if they are American citizens born in the U.S., and you tend to get the sense that you're not entirely welcome here. On the other hand, a lot of minority cultures seem to have an extraordinary anti-intellectual streak. Maybe Americans in general are pretty anti-intellectual, but as a person-of-color, if you excel academically, you might get labelled as "acting white" or "not keeping it real" or "not staying true to your roots." As Chris Rock, comments sarcastically. "Yeah, they're keeping it real, all right. Real dumb." Growing up a nerd and a person-of-color makes you a minority within a minority. I wish Chris Rock would go back to doing more standup instead of doing all these lame humdrum movies.
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Chris Rock is funny! I just discovered his TV Show "Everybody Hates Chris" and it is funny as hell! For sure! And, yes his stand up comedy is funny too (I dig also that he doesn't get too ranchy). But I discovered another funny comedian (that keeps it basically clean) ANJELA JOHNSON is funnier than any female comic I can remember seeing. She's funny and for real like Chris Rock. Check Angela Johnson on YouTube. Peace.

nice story....great read. I will be back to view more of your writings. take care. If I can find you<br />
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P.S. I don't think jelly or syrup is required during a salad tossing.