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Yesterday me my neice had an argument over who's the funniest Chris Rock or Kevin Heart? So of course I told her the truth, CHRIS ROCK will eat kevin heart alive in the boxing ring called COMEDY! So she replies Chris Rock has'nt did anything in a million years. I responded he doesnt need to everything he's done is still revelant and halarious. Kevin can't touch him, boop.
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4 Responses Jan 16, 2013

If comedy was hip hop Chris Rock would be the better lyricist which makes him more funny, And Kevin Hart would be the more commercial rapper that's not quite as funny but sells more cd's.

Chris Rock is way funnier than Kevin. No contest!!

Well stated!!

Thank you!

Tell her something don't get me wrong Kevin Hart funny and being a Philly native I gotta support but he doesn't touch serious life issues like life,races,history,etc. He's more haha funny Chris rock talks about all and the above and still keeps it funny and while pointing out serious issues.