Equilibrium Movie Review

I just saw Equilibrium for the first time today, and wondered why in the world it took me so long to watch it. I absolutely loved it!

The movie reminded me of a mix between The Island and The Matrix. It also struck a nerve in me because I think it would be terrible to live in a world with no emotion. I have been driven to the point of no feeling before, and it didn't, for lack of a better word, feel good. I noticed the symbol that was printed on flags and various other places in Libria, and it reminded me of a Nazi symbol. I thought it was kind of cool that it symbolized there was evil in the society, despite the peace the Librians seemed to live in.

In The Island, the people live in a society where they are fed images and implanted memories and are forced to wear the same clothing. They aren't allowed to question anything. In Equilibrium, they are forced to wear similar clothing and aren't allowed to feel.

All the action scenes that Christian is in are sort of Matrix style, where he is shooting twenty or more guys all by himself. Even though Equilibrium doesn't have the whole slow motion bullet thing, the action scenes are very cool. Those back flips that he did, whether they were stunted or not, were very sweet as well.

My favorite action scene was when Christian was fighting the main evil guy and they were trying to shoot each other, while punching at the same time. It was almost like a sword fighting style, but using guns instead.

Of course, since this is an "I Love Christian Bale" group, I am going to comment on how HOT he is in this movie. I loved his facial expressions in this movie, from when he was devoid of human emotion, to when he started to feel because he quit taking his dose, to when he started feeling bad about killing innocent people, to when he broke down crying on the steps. He does a good job of using his expressions to tell the story even when he wasn't saying anything. Christian wears an outfit similar to what Neo wore in The Matrix, but I think he looks a billion times hotter than Keanu could ever hope to look.

My rating out of 10: Solid 10.

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Yeah, right?! Damn. Just damn. Hot.

ResidualEnergy - I saw "Reign of Fire" in the movie theater when it came out. I too, disliked the story because it was just bad writing. It is sad that Christian is overshadowed a lot in this movie. He's such a good actor. I love him.

ResidualEnergy - True that!

Poodledoodle- You are very welcome. :)