Music With Real Feeling.

I love music. I'm a musician and play guitar practically nonstop. It is the best way for me to let out all my emotions. No matter what I'm feeling I can let it out best through my music. And personally I prefer to listen to Christian metal, because the music remains incredible and the meaning of the song just says so much more to me than any other music. It reaches the deepest places in my heart and reminds me of God's love for me no matter how I might be feeling.
onehappypanda onehappypanda
18-21, M
2 Responses Sep 22, 2006

Listen to a new genre of “prophetic” music. From the strike of the first note, the journey begins. Those that listen with their heart know it’s not just praise and worship; it’s prophecy, designed by inspired musical ex<x>pressions. “God is speaking and we translate the sound through the music”. Visit