I Love It

i used to only listen 2 Christian music in church & occasionly. but its soo weird. after going on a missions trip i was just inspired by some of the songs we sang & i bought them on itunes then i started buying more songs. its weird cuz i like secular music too but i find my self feeling more satisfied & entertained when i listen 2 christian music. i love contemporary christian & also some christian rock. im not sure wat category tobymac lies under but i like him too!

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4 Responses Aug 16, 2007

Hey, I am old but I love it. I always tell my daughter to turn it up.

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They play those songs on Christian stations like Klove.

I love the song In Christ Alone!!! i thrash it all the time!!<br />

Christian music has a weird type of influence. It really does encourage and that is why it is so much better for you. Oh, and I love Toby Mac too. It is like rock rap.