My Wonderful And Glorious Transformation

Glory to Pappa (God) and Jesus the King of Kings and Lord of Lords, oh how wonderful it is to have such a Loving Father. What Papa did for me is not only amazing but intense. Its one thing to get saved but its another thing when you get REALLY saved haha. There I was, a drunk hippie, depressed do what ever i can take to make me feel "good". At this point in my life i have hitten rock bottom. Due to be evicted, and everywhere else in my life the walls were caving in. Without knowing it sombody "upstairs" was seeing this go down as i was crying out help !! then one day when i was practicing my fire poi in front of my house, two young adults come and approach me and hand me a flier for a concert that they were having in the park across the road, and invited me to dance there. So I agreed and they walked off. That weekend I showed up to the concert drunk, stoned, and high on Opium. Dressed in my cut off farmer overalls, no shirt, and a top hat, lol. ( Man i was a mess) Then meanwhile I decided to sit and take a break from Poi and sat down. Then this young man Bryan came up to me and started explaining that my leg was short and that he wanted to pray for it. I pretty much said F you and got up and lit my Poi agian. But, this time while I was dancing I started thinking and remembering the accident that I had when I was 16, when I shattered my Heel Bone rock climbing. So I put out the Poi and went back and asked Bryan how he know that it was my right one, and he said that he just had a "feeling" with a big smile on his face. So I gave in and let him pray for it. The moment he said " In Jesus Name..." I felt this peace come over me and then it started to focus in one spot on my shin. Then my shin started to tingle, kinda like that feeling you get when your leg falls asleep only not painful, in one spot and I felt a stretching and watched right before my eyes, my leg growing. It had just grown by two inches. Bryan looked at me and said " there is power in the name of Jesus" all I could do is nod my head in agreement. Later that day after a whole day of fire Poi and jumping in mud puddles, accepted the Lord with all my heart, all my soul, and all my strength. It was after this young girls testimony, of a suicide attempt interupted by the Holy Spirit. She had look right into my eyes when she did the alter call, and said " If you are looking for a way out, a way out of depression, anxiety, if you want to know who you are and why you are here.......accept Jesus right now with your whole heart and don't look back !! " I lost it, when I cried out His name, He answered me," Brandon I love you, now walk with me." it was really powerful the presence of His Love. Casted out all fear, worry, any care of anything, it was just me and Papa. Then two days later I decided to get baptised in the river by my house, it was a hard decision, knowing that this means answering His call for me to follow Him. Some say they saw an aurora around me it was extremely peaceful and powerful at the same time. When I came up from the water I felt like I was "born again," it felt like having a clean slate or a new canvas in my soul. Later that night I was invited to the churches leadership meeting, where I ended up going through a 4 hour exorcism.
The Exorcism was very intense and it started with just a belly ache and asked for prayer believing that it would get healed, instead i started to manifest demons. The group started imedietly binding them and called down angels to hold me down. I remember seeing 7 figures around me holding me down. It was an intense battle over my soul, my conscience went sub-conscience and I could hear the demons speaking through me and feeling my body fight against the angels but I had no physical control.
Then finally they broke and the Holy Spirit came and washed them out and filled me with Him. It was the best feeling in the world His Spirit filled the room and everybody seemed to instantly become drunk. Everybody was laughing and praying in the spirit and stumbling around haha. I tried getting onto my feet which at the time seemed nearly impossible i was just filled up with so much peace and love and tanquilitiy that I couldn't get up off of the floor.
Shortly after that, say about two days later I recieved tongues. Papa totally has a sense of humor by the way, I might add, I had recieved them in front of my dad, as I was pleading with him to let me stay there because i wanted another chance in my life to change once and for all and told him about the baptism and the deliverence ( Exorcism). But he wasn't having it I had already burned the bridge. So I then grabbed the cross off of his wall and started praying that Jesus would show him a sign right then and there that I was serious. Then that presence came and filled the room and I began speaking in the spirit and prophecying over him. Man was he confused and thought I was going crazy and thought that I flipped a switch, then in the third person i remember telling him to have faith and that brandon is called. then that night i ended up staying up till sunrise highlighting passages in my bible, not knowing what they were or what they said it was a so called " russian roulette" with the passages. When i woke up the next day my bible was laying next to me opened to 1 Corinthians 14. The passage explaining Spiritual Gifts, and other ones explaining what was happening and what His plan for me is. That week I ended up moving in with the ministries leader and pastor, and began discipleship right off the bat. Now this ministry isn't like most ministries I've heard or seen. This was a group of young adult who are set after Gods own heart, radical lovers saught after the kingdom of Heaven like David. We have exprienced many miracles from trances to healings, We are a community of believers who fast together pray together "war" together.
Generation Revival is a ministry that was an act of God to get saved into, and the churches involved couldn't have been any better, all walking in power, in prophecy and healing, God is moving and looking for those who are willing to jump aboard.
I immediately began flowing in the giftings and have seen countless healings and miracles in the last two years, teaching and equiping others to flow in their giftings as well. I am still growing in the Lord each day and everyday has been a fun adventure with Papa, oh the stories i could share of my days with Papa. In the woods, on the streets, in my car, in my room, He is with you everywhere all the time, He loves you, and will provide for you, He cares, He is the fullness of Love, and let us love like He loves, if we can do that, If we could Love like He Loves, This world would be a little different with a light to follow ;)
Let us Join together and become connected like the early church was connected, Pray together, Fast together, Worship together, and Commune together. Jesus is the Way so let Follow Him until His coming and beyond ! much love and blessings to all of you reading my testimony and feel free to ask any questions or leave any comments, i love you all and pray for all who read this. May God be with you, and commune with you all the days of your life, Amen !!
maxonfaith maxonfaith
Nov 28, 2012