A Challenge....

I didn't expect to like her.

Just another peroxide blonde who thinks she can sing.

and then......

I listened.

This woman has an incredible voice and I can identify with every song she sings. Please, don't miss out and dismiss her as
one of the typical pop singers, because "typical", she is NOT.  I challenge you, just LISTEN.
OnlyOneChiquita OnlyOneChiquita
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5 Responses Aug 12, 2010

That's true. She's so amazing! I have goose bumps every time i listen to her sing. I really hope she releases a new album this year and go on tour. it's been a while since she's been on tour. they say she is the voice of her generation. Heck, I think she's the voice of every generation LOL. She's a true and unique artist. She plays by her rules and her music is genuine. She sings because it's her passion. She's incredible. Let's hope she keeps rising above and beyond. But no matter what, I know her fans (including me) will always have her back :)

Wow, A voice that is it's own, a performer that can give you the feelings of just being there with you to hear the music , a message that has a depth that when you listen to it, wow, you get a surprise from her presentation that reaches back to the 60's and the orginal Woodstock in 69. To much music today is missing the soul of the person, the voice that talks to you inside and the connection that made music have meaning beyond the commerical side. Thank you Christina for your voice and the music like Hurt, Mother and The Voice Within which allows us to related to the person your are.

ROFL@pamperurft! Thanks from myself and Christina.

I am very proud of her, so I play her music constantly...lol...Yes, souli and PenIsMightier, I love the duet with her and RM as well....it's beautiful. Thanks to both of you for your comments!

I agree, IT! Who knew trolls would have such a discerning ear?? LOL Thanks for the comment, pumpkin!