Now I know I am a few weeks late in writing this story I have just been very busy with school and having good grades at the end of the semester but I thought I should start catching up on sharing my stories.

Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays there is lots of good food and the whole clan gets together to celebrate our many blessings and share stories and memories of the past year.

Each year my dads side of the family gathers from all parts of the country, and we go to my grandparents house on Thanksgiving day.
The house actually belonged to my great grandparents, its big and white, you know kinda like a plantation mansion you see in movies, 3 generations have lived there and it has an element of historic charm.......either that or it haunted lol.
I enjoy wandering the many hall ways hoping to find some hidden  treasure, but most of the stuff in the house is precious antiques we're not allowed to breathe on much less play with.
One of my favorite pass times is sliding down the big carved wood banister when no one is looking, the wood on that thing has been polished so shiny you can almost see youself in it. The few times I have been caught I get terribly scolded but give me a break you cant tell me my dad, uncle and aunt didnt have their fair share of fun sliding down that banister.

The women spend most all of thanksgiving day and the day before cooking turkeys, preparing delicious side dishes and baking pies, I sneak food whenever I can lol.
The men sit in the great room nursing their brandy and talking about extrememly boring subjects I never stay around there long.
All of my cousins and second cousins are boys lol......... no joke me and my sister are the only granddaughters, so anyway the boys play football outside in the yard, when I was younger I used to play with them but my mom doesnt let me anymore she says it gets too tough.
So most of the day I spend  in the playroom keeping my sister and nephew out of trouble. I loved that playroom when I was little its filled with old toys from the past childhood generations. "Classic" toys collectors spend ages searching for are probably in that room collecting dust lol.

A lot of people eat their Thanksgiving feast in the middle of the day or around lunch time, but in our family you have to wait till 5 pm. Its torture but there are snack tables set out with crackers and various cheeses and other finger foods.
I thought this would be the perfect place to set up a prank
I saw this on a "Just Kidding" episode I modified it a little so it would work for this occasion so here is what I did. I ducked under the table and tied the corner of the table cloth to a clothes pin. When some unsuspecting person came along I would pin the tablecloth to their pant leg and when they walked away they would take the table cloth with them hahah HaHaHa HAHAHA.
I let a lot of people go by but then I recognized my brother Clays boots and I got that evil smirk on my face he would be the perfect victim.
I will explain now that I set this up on the table that has all the paper plates, napkins, and silverware, it would have been funnier if I did it on the tables that had food but #1 i'd get in a huge amount of trouble and #2 that is a waste of good food.
Clay briefly paused to get a plate and so I quickly and quietly pinned the table cloth to his leg then waited, a few seconds later he moved down to another table and *CRASH!!!* ha ha ha ha plates and silverware scattered all over the ground. Clay had that  shocked look on his face as if to say "What just happened? did I do that? "
Everyone came in to see what happened and my grandma yelled at him "CLAYTON LEVI DID YOU DO THAT ON PURPOSE!!!! ha ha ha it was then that I poked my head out from under the table and with a big smile I said "Happy Pranksgiving =D."
Having said that I made a dash for the door and disappeared outside, I didnt want to be around if anyone was unhappy and I needed to get to work on the next prank.

A few days ago I discovered a ice chest in the dumpster, it had fallen off a truck and was cracked so it couldnt be used anymore but as the old saying goes "One mans junk is another pranksters treasure" ha ha ha.
Earlier that day I had sawed a hole in the bottom,  I filled it with ice and sodas and then hid under a bench waiting for a victim.
6 people tried to reach in and get a nice cold beverage, instead I grabbed thier hand....... ha ha ha ha ha oh man the pranks when you startle people are always the funniest. An unsuspecting person would open the lid and dig through the ice to get a soda and I would grab their wrist and they would jerk their hand back out and let out a good shrieking scream and jump 5 feet back.........."AHHHHHH!!!!!" ha ha ha ha ha Happy Pranksgiving.

Well my fun was short lived because my grandma thought I was having a little too much fun and maybe I needed to help out. just the same as last year she made me peel potatoes...........64 potatoes to be precise, every year I get stuck doing that, usually takes all afternoon : / but I guess its not so bad helping.
You know I guess family really is forever, my dad and uncle were once little babies but now they are tall strong men, they probably out weigh her by 100 lbs. but they still love thier momma and they are still her little boys.

The shadows were falling and the last rays of sunlight were turning the leaves a golden yellow, the boys were rounded up and we got cleaned and ready for dinner. The dining room had been set with the finest of china, snow white linens and silverware so shiny you can use it for a mirror.
Once again I was banished to the kids table, but I dont mind at least you get to laugh and talk and not sit quietly and have perfect  manners. Usually my grandfather would be sitting at the head of the big table and he would say the prayer but sadly he passed away this summer, so once everyone was seated my uncle said the blessing.
it went something like this.............."Dear Heavenly Father, we thank you for everything you have given and provided us with. We have so many blessing we cannot name or number them all, let us not become so absorbed in our own lifes that we forget those who need our help. Dear Lord give guidance and wisdom to our countries leaders and let us not forget that everything is in your power and control. There are many who are no longer at this  table with us  let us remember that they are safe in your precious care in a beautiful and wonderful place free from the pain and misery of this fallen world, we ask you would give comfort and grace to those who are still grieving.
We thank you for blessing our family with three very precious babies this year, give thier parents wisdom to raise them so they bring glory and honor to your name.
Lord God we are filled with wonder and joy today because of your great love for us. Thank you for sending the promised one Jesus, to be our Lord and Savior.
May we grow to love you more and to love our family more, and bring honor  to your name in every move we make and every word we speak, we ask in your holy name..........Amen.
There was a chorus of  "Amen's" around the room...........usually it is torture to have to sit there and listen to the prayer/sermon but this year I actually paid attention and  careful listened to the words and thier meaning.

TIME TO DIG IN =D................some of my favorite Thanksgiving foods would probably be cranberry sauce, stuffing, and the homemade rolls and of course we cannot forget the juicy turkey..............Ahhhhh yum =D.
The adults get chilled champagne and wine and we get sparkling apple cider.

We have a lot of fun feasting and exchanging stories from the past year mostly funny ones about acts of stupidity by my brother and elaborate pranks I have pulled, our stomach are usually aching from a combination of laughing and eating too much.
After a few hours of sitting around waiting for our dinner to do go down, they bring out the pies, this year they made pumpkin and apple pie with icecream and whipcream on top :D they are delicious my aunt and grandma make the best pies...........seriously their recipies have won awards lol.
Usually after dessert we are all so stuffed we cannot do anything but just lay around the rest of the evening, but that is okay I did talk with some of my older relatives it is kind of nice because they do not talk to me like a little kid anymore.

I think back to the year of 1620 when the pilgrims came over to America to escape the religious presecutions in England, they set out across the vast Atlantic ocrean in a vessel comparable to modern day sail boats, they braved storms and sickness and many of them died, but they had strong faith in God, and we have a great country today because of them. Yes almost everyone complains about the governments many problems but if you think about it, most all Americans have more than enough food, clothes, and cellphones, so I think more people should truely think about what they have to be thankful for.

I look back on this past year and realize that I have a great life and even when it gets tough I still have a lot to be thankful for, I am thankful for my life, and my family and actually I cant even begin to express everything that I have to give thanks for but I realize I have a lot and I am aware I will never run out of things to be thankful for :)

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....wonderful....we should never forget to thank for all the things we have a family is really precious =))