Santaclaus Is Coming to Town

 What is the deal?

What is the deal with all of these men who keep coming upto me an singing santaclaus is coming to town.???? They get right up close to me, sometimes they wisper sing it . Then they all look at me with a goofy look and smile. I just smile back at them but I really don't get it. They NEVER sing anything else just santaclaus is commimg to town. Am I missing something because I'm not wearing anything that looks like santa, and of corse they don't look me in the eye at the real part of me they look at the fake part in my chest. I love christmas but I am sick of that song.  
LaceyAcey LaceyAcey
26-30, F
4 Responses Dec 17, 2008

lol! strange ppl! ... i'll never do this to a girl...

They just wish that they were good enough in Santa's eyes to be able to get a great gift like you! ; )

if I saw you Lacey, I would sing Joy to the world

I get it's better than hearing "Coming down the chimney tonight!"