† Prepare By Being Poor Of Spirit And Humble Of Heart

Message from Our Blessed Mother:  "Beloved children, I thank you for gathering to pray during this advent season.   I bless you for being here.   Tonight I ask you to be prepared--just as Joseph and I prepared ourselves for the Birth of Jesus-- Do the same by preparing yourselves spiritually for this holy and awesome event.   Jesus came in a manner poor and humble.   Tonight I ask you to be poor of spirit and humble of heart.   Be prepared for the coming of this glorious event.   Prepare your souls by prayer and sacrifice so that Jesus will be welcomed as I welcomed Him.   I bless you in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit...  Amen!"

Thank You Blessed Mother!

Excerpts from 11/29/11 => http://www.carmenhumphrey.org/visions_4.html
On July 15, 1997 Carmen Humphrey, a housewife, mother of two boys and a former Registered Nurse received the gift of healing hands. In this website, she shares her testimony, many visions she has experienced, and many miracles she has witnessed. (near Saskatoon Saskatchewan)

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Dec 5, 2011