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Wonderful Time

Last night, spent the evening with a family that has gone through a difficult transition in life, was fortunate enough to be able to purchase presents for the kids and for the parents. Have been doing this sort of thing for over ten years, there is nothing more fun for me to than to shop for other people, especially kids. This time it was simple, came over after dinner and brought a bag full of presents, the kids faces were so lit up, it was awesome. Of course, I told them that Santa heard they were especially good this year and asked me to bring by the presents a few days early, especially since the weather was looking a bit stormy and white. In past years, have actually dressed up as Santa Claus, delivering gifts and when I managed a coffee shop, we even had pictures with Santa, with all the profits going toward a needy family. Let's face it, this year the economy is a mess, not to make an excuse either but people are going through difficult times. Look for those opportunities to make someones Christmas special, do you really need the 50 inch plasma tv? Lol. Oh yes, also delivered a complete CHristmas dinner, ham, baked goods, etc. Hope all of you have a Merry Christmas.
romanticdreams romanticdreams 46-50, M 7 Responses Dec 21, 2011

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To me, you are truly magnaminous in the truest sense of that word. How giving of you. You are a wonderful example of Agape in the truest sense of that term, May the lORD bless you and keep you for you certainly deserve it for your kindness to the deserving family. You deserve happiness too.

Thank you for sharing your kind words, just the way I am, enjoy it, wouldn't be any other way

Actually the more you give, the more you receive. So it works both ways. Your kind deeds will be rewarded in many ways. Have a great weekend this Christmas Santa Claus.

Thank you my friend, hope you have a Merry Christmas also

What a wonderful thing to do. You would have made an awesome father and husband the way you put others first. Just don't forget to treat yourself afterwards.

Thank you, appreciate your kind words and Merry Christmas

I am not surprised at all! You are one of those rare men that are so hard to find! You are a wonderful friend, cheerleader, baker, story teller! Have a Merry Christmas and a Wondrous New Year!

Hope you have a Merry Christmas as well, thanks for being such a wonderful friend to me out here in the crazy world of EP

Thank you for sharing your experience - mayGod's blesings be poured over you for all the good you do.<br />
Merry Christmas and a great New Year!<br />

Thanks Spiins, hope you have a Merry Christmas as well

This is incredible! So nice of you to adopt and family. I bet it helped them out so much and they are so grateful. Your a really nice person and I admire you :)

Thanks for your comments, actually think most of the time I get more out of it than them, lol. It is something I hope I am always able to do

You really live the true spirit of Christmas. At least one family will happier this Christmas because of your generous and kind heart.

It is just part of the season for me, love it and am blessed to be able to do that