Just The Season

Now before I start, it’s not the actual holiday that I enjoy. In fact, I grew up in a Jewish family, and I have never once celebrated Christmas. I don’t have an urge to celebrate it either, but it is merely the Christmas season that I adore. Something about the lights and music, I love it. Kids with their magically wonderful visions of Santa Clause. I just like the feel Christmas has on people, and how everything is decorated, and simply beautiful against the white world. It puts me in a good mood.

Chasing4flowers Chasing4flowers
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1 Response Dec 2, 2012

Its a very positive plus you having no urge to celebrate christmas because its a very pagan day just as all man made holidays not written in the words of God making believers the greatest fools because they don't even believe much of what who they believe in tells them all. I have 23 years with God, yet zeroed association with man, their doctrines or traditions which make the words of God as nothing in their lives.

I see your point - I don't believe in organized religion. In fact, I believe in very little.

We know little to nothing about each other as strangers with me being of age and you as the age of a grand daughter. My purpose in life has a direction from God; and it was not my choice just as it was not the choice of any whom He called through history; therefore I never judge, argue, scorn or make any problems with others, but rather just deliver a message most choose not to hear. If you would like some valid truth this world knows not according to God's own words, just begin some valid research through my 400 posts, a published book and what I write daily for any on this planet who want to be prepared for the coming storms with great darkness and suffering upon all the inhabitants of earth as the worst timesoftrouble which have ever before been; and for most all being the many of this world including believers who don't believe what God tells them all, there will be no mercy until after they have been punished. You take care my young friend.