Xmas 2011

2011 was an adventurous Christmas for my son. You see he found our hidden stash of presents and what he did was unbelievable. He told his younger sister about them and also told her Santa does not exist and this was his proof. She had a hard time accepting that Santa wasn't real and got real mad at him. But that's not the end of the story, it gets better(or worse). 

He got 3 Lego sets from us last year. On Christmas morning the kids are up early and ripping through their presents as usual. He's done a lot sooner than his sister and my wife looks around and says to me. "Where are the Lego sets we got him?"  I went down to our hiding spot and looked around then looked in a few other places and couldn't find them. We didn't say anything to him and thought we had given them to relatives the night before by mistake. I was about to make some calls when I heard my wife yell down from Cam's room. She pointed out the 3 sets we had gotten for him on display already. We called him upstairs and he just came out and said matter of factually, "I found them and put them together already." Like it was no big deal. 

 Apparently during the school Christmas break and before Christmas day he opened the wrapped Lego sets, put them together and put them on display in his room! He has quite a few of them and I didn't buy the Christmas ones so I didn't even notice them when I was in his room.

 We made him take them apart, put them away and he didn't get to play with them for a while. He also got a real tongue lashing and lost a few more privileges. It wasn't until spring until my daughter told us about him telling her Santa wasn't real. This Christmas just won't be the same with her not believing and my hiding spot found. 

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Aw man that sucks! My little brother (10) is on the edge about Santa and he has been going on and off about telling my little sister (7) that he isn't real then she tells my other little brother (4) not to listen to Joshy bcuz Santa does exist then he tells my baby brother (3 1/2 months old) that Santa does exist. It is like a gossip train in our house about Santa!

Discourage him from doing so. Those who don't believe, don't receive- worked for a while.

Yes we are trying. He says he stil belives but e is edgy about it and if does still believe i dont want to make it to big of a deal bcuz then he wil doubt.

You've got a long way to go til xmas.....Heads Up- Same thing will happen with the Easter Bunny. That was the start of the downfall

Oh really?;( nooo stay young litle ones!

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Oh my! I'm sitting here imagining this huge sea of lego sets in your son's room. That's quite a story G-Man. I remember when Santa Claus was *discovered* in my house...and I think that's when my son really started appreciating all the trouble that *Santa* had gone to over the years...since I usually made the Santa gifts the very best gifts. Anyway...I'm sorry about Santa being outed. I hope you and yours have a very Merry Christmas. P.S. Now you can gobble up all the cookies and milk without saying they're for Santa. *grin*

Thanks, I'll save a cookie for you, Ms Claus

Ha! Sounds good. :)

dont worry when he has kids i be sure that his kids do the same as him.

AW...This is such a cute story. I remember snooping and finding presents when I was a kid. I never had the balls to actually open and play with them though... LOL

It's cute now, not then blol

lol...hindsight is always 20/20 ;) One day he'll have kids of his own to pay him back. haha.