What Does Christmas Mean To You..? A Poem By Rosalind " Its Not About The Presents Or Partying "

Cold chill air
is here
Jack frost
visited us last night
the windows frosted
up with ice
Long dark nights
in the December
Big white snowflakes
swiftly fall and
cover the ground
God's forgiveness
The sparkle you see
the pearly gates of
Looking down
smiling on
the earth...

What does Christmas
mean to You.?
Is It just about
the presents
or is it about
God's precious
gift to us
His son Jesus
He came into a
sinful world
offered a way out
and redeemed us
Why not take time
to reflect this Christmas
and discover a magical
moment with God
open up your
heart this Christmas morn

rosesweet rosesweet
56-60, F
Dec 7, 2012