Christmas... Oh Sweet Season

I love christmas... I love it soooo Much.
A lot of people thinks i'm weird because i love it so bad.
But they do simply not understand how i feel!

I always have some kind of worry. I'm always afraid that something bad is going to happen soon, but there is only one time at year where i don't have that feeling. And that is Christmas.
It lights up my dark world, and i feel so careless, i feel so happy! And now i can look forward to the wonderfull day, 24th december, and think an think about that in only one week, school is off for the holidays, and that is truly amazing.

I love the smells, I love the food, i love The giving, i Love IT!
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1 Response Dec 14, 2012

I agree I love Christmas.. I love the time off school, I love the food, I love decorating the tree, I love having my whole family around, I love watching the Christmas Specials on TV I love ALL OF IT

I'm English/ my Christmas is Christmas Day but it doesn't really matter when you celebrate it. Christmas is Christmas no matter where in the world you are.