Why Do I Love Christmas?

I guess i could say a bunch of reasons why, but ill just take it straight from my heart.

When i think of Christmas i think of everyone suddenly a little bit nicer then they normally would be, stores covered in christmasy things, ready to sell to you, christmas trees coming out from everywhere and the smell of christmas in the air, reminds me of wen i was a kid..i mean not exactly  Xmas day but the days leading up to is will always be my favorite, i love buying things for other people watching there face light up like the kid they once were, how they werent expecting a gift but you know deep in your heart they really want one. Me myself i dont particulary care if i get a gift i like giving them i always have as a kid, i love buying toys to give to my cousins as well, guess im still a kid at heart, i used to be in such a hurry to grow up and now that i am i kinda miss it, Xmas allows me to be that silly 8 year old who waited for santa and watched movies and sangs along to all the christmas songs.

I love how last week during thanksgiving they had alreayd put up some decorations, how the christmas music was already playing 24/7 on the radio it makes my heart  swell i guess thats the right word for it, i love the holidays i love seeing people i would normally not see all year. i love the food and the carols, love singing the songs that i dont no i love it all.

The miracle of christmas, *sigh dreaming of a white christmas* i want one so bad..ive never had snow at christmas before i want to expirence it though

CaliGurl2007 CaliGurl2007
26-30, F
Nov 30, 2009