They Make My World Go Round ...

Yeah, I'm a chubby chaser. They are soooo cute and adorable to me. I recently asked one out but was turned down ... (he said he didn't think it would work out) *I'm black he was white*

I am a average to slightly chubby girl myself. I'm between the Toccara Jones and Nicki manaj type and I feel that dating a thin man would result in him getting hurt if we ever made love. XD

I love them with a PASSION!

I just hope to find some that would actually go OUT with me, regardless of my race. = (

Sigh .... they're so yummy to me.
ImperfectDVM ImperfectDVM
22-25, F
3 Responses Sep 24, 2012

Hey what's up big guy here I'd love to talk with ya an get to know ya

hi hun message me :)

Wonderful post