I Love All Types Of Guys, But...

I guess just like there's men who love women with a little meat on their bones, I guess its the same for women too. When I was younger I always chased after the more toned and thin guys until I met a guy named Gus. He was heavy-ish latino guy with the prettiest colored eyes I've seen- a dark grey and nice hair, always impeccably dressed. He was into cars and very sweet to me. I didn't realize how attracted I was to him until we ended up hot and heavy in his car after we came back from a date. I would've invited him inside if it weren't for my friend who was staying with me at the time. As life goes, we didn't stay in contact for long, which was my fault but he did leave an impression on me- I liked them, husky, cuddly, chubby.

It didn't end with him- I fell in love with my ex-best friend from Canada who was chubby but strong, hairy all over, epic beard although he was losing his hair, but I didn't mind. He had these intense eyes and such a warm and crooked smile, he was a geek to end all geeks and he really cared about everyone. He was the man of my dreams, to be honest but his girlfriend now wife was needy and nuts, which explains why he's my ex friend- we never did anything because it was an online friendship and even then we still wouldn't have but he pushed me out of his life for her sake, when I was going through a bad time in mines.

Despite what went down, he really made me start searching for guys who looked similar to him for some reason or another. Thing is, some chubby dudes want thinner arm candy most of the time which leaves me out in the dust. Ah well, I just managed to transfer my love of chubby guys over to famous guys i.e Seth Rogan, Jonah Hill(although I heard hes kinda douchy in real life), Andrew Zimmern, Adam Richman, etc. Especially Adam Richman. He was the host of the show Man vs Food on the Travel Channel. I guess I was bored one night, so I started watching the episodes on youtube and through the course of watching, I begin to crush so hard on him- can't fault a man who loves to eat but also he has such a great attitude and I heard he was really nice and intelligent from people who met him. Actually while writing this, I still do have that crush but he's too famous for me. I still hold out hope for a cute, funny, geeky, intelligent and sexy chubby guy to fall in love with someday...well, we'll see.
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I understand exactly how you feel! And you'll have to fight me for Adam Richman haha.

You can have the skinny Adam. He lost weight so his appeal left me..guess I'm reverse shallow lol.

Can't blame u sweetie I'm the same way

Right on, sis :)

do you want to try me on chat? just chat!

Well, um...

let me know, i'll be on tomorrow sunday around 7-8 am

i'm not really a morning person, lol

ok have a sweet morning sleep then!

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