Chuck Norris is my father

For reasons I cannot remember (probably just to mess with my him), when I was 10 I told my 6 year old brother that our father was Chuck Norris incognito. I'm sure I made up an elaborate tale of sorts, explaining why the Texas Ranger had moved to Ohio and started a family as a cover story. I remember telling him we would be in great danger if anyone ever found out dad's secret. So we agreed to never speak of it again. And I forgot all about it.

A little over a year later our neighbors sold their house and moved. A man bought it and moved in. He was a big man, older, had tattoos and a motorcycle, and listened to loud rock music all the time. Not long after he was moved in my brother came to me very worried one night.
"I think they found dad." he whispered.
"Who? What are you talking about?" I asked, thoroughly confused.
"Mr Legg, next door. I think he knows dad is Chuck Norris. And I think he's a bad guy."

I laughed until I cried. And then I told Tyler the truth.

Now as (semi) adults we have a tradition of getting our father Chuck Norris tshirts every year for Christmas. My father has no idea why. And he hates them, so it makes it that much more fun for us!
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This Christmas, get him a t-shirt of a Total Fitness machine. Throw him off a bit.

Kind of familiar story. I was always mistaken for Chuck for years. Red/blonde beard same features except the money and bad-a abilities. It got downright comical at times. Our family would be stared at pointed at in public and in campgrounds the kids would follow me around. Once I was in the shower at a campground bath house and looked up to see two sets of kids eyes peeping over the partition wall. A colleage got us into an amusement park free telling the gate man we were scouting out a movie location . Over all it was mostly fun and I wouldn't try to impersonate Chuck. Now as years have passed he has had the lifts public figures seem to like so its not as likely to be mistaken for him. But the funny thing is people I meet for the first time always tell me I look familiar.

use to have people walk up to me & ask me if i was kin to him:) honest :) when they frist ask me ,it didn;t really click what they said :( so i would say no :) lol

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The only reason Charlie Sheen is winning is because Chuck Norris isn't playing.

Chuck Norris was having sex in the back of a tractor trailer. Some of his ***** mixed with the truck and we now know it as Optimus Prime.

Haha. This is the top story on the front page of EP. Funny! I have a story like this too. Which group did I write it in?

That explains how it has almost 3500 views... for a while there I thought it was a glitch, lol

I'm glad you fessed up and told him the truth.

i remember when in the big bro ( maybe me too ) used to emotionally blackmail my cute lil bro who was afraid of going near fountains. He wanted to see him cry and plead "please dont go near the fountain" and all that stuff. so my big bro delibrately goes near the fountains and and my small brother cries wahahah ...... his cuteness was the reason we did it ...hekeke


Guess you just had to be there...

Lol, inside jokes are the best :)

HAHAHA I love inside jokes like that when the receiving part has no idea why!

It's amazing what kids will tell their younger siblings, and what those siblings will believe! When I was 3, my big brother told me that the commercial said my Keds sneakers had a "Magic Grip", and that meant I couldn't fall, so he convinced me to go out a window and run around on the roof with them on. I remember leaning out over the edge and seeing my mothers ashen face down below, as I lifted one foot in the air and said "See, Mommy? It's OK, I have Magic Grips! I can't fall!" Well, I didn't fall, and she somehow didn't have a heart attack, but my brother got grounded for weeks.

Hey my son is truly friends with Chuck Norris, you're a riot!!.......growing up I had 3 older brothers, my brothers and some other kids on the street use to play hide and go seek and I always thought I had the best hiding spots because it would take like 20 minutes for them to find me, only to find out that while I was hiding they were off playing something else GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR. what a cruel way to get rid of their little sister cracks me up now tho !!

Lol you reminded me of how I use to pick on younger siblings, my sister was a really cubbyhole faced kid so she thought for years we got her from the cabbage patch like the cabbage patch kids, then my brother asked one day where he came from so we told him he was hatched like on mork n mindy lol Thanks for the reminder made my day :)

OMG, this is TOO Funny!!!