My Personal Favourite Actor...

 I have alot of actors whom I hold in good esteem - and being an actor is not an easy lifestyle choice or profession, due to the lack of privacy and the pressure of having to project emotions. This man is held in my highest regard, not only for his acting (which I will talk about in a second) but simply by the way in which he handles himself. His walk of life is inspirational in so many ways, in its raw simplicity and honesty. He doesn't muck around in his personal life, he merely does what he does. 

As an Actor - I adore the very 'real' way he projects characters. Its a very natural method of acting, utilizing his screen presence to convey a large amount about his character. The mannerisms, facial expressions, lengthy stares and body language are top notch. Its just a very natural way of acting. He doesn't have an overwhelming projected charisma, but rather seems so grounded in his films that its almost as though he IS the character. I like this style of acting, Clive Owen has used this sort of thing as well in some films, as well as (the conciderably more media drenched) Bradd Pitt. But none of them do it as well as Cillian in my personal opinion; and I'll continue to be a supporter of him through his career.

I was won over by his performance in 28 Days Later, and then completely blown away by Sunshine. For those of you who have not seen this masterpiece I shall not give it away - but there is a scene in this where Cillian's acting literally sends shivers down your spine. In the cinema I had to grip the armrest and grit my teeth to bear the intensity and emotion. You could feel his pain and the struggle - it was a beautiful moment. Something that if I ever manage to meet him I will congradulate him on, and thank him for the experience. 

You will know the scene when you see it. For clarification let's nickname it 'The Push-up'.

 Also he has mezmerising blue eyes - they seem to radiate. They can be a powerful tool in his screen presence; utilized as either innocent or charming, or flipped to merciless and hollow. 

I look forwards to any future projects he has in stall, especially one's involved with Danny Boyle. 

Maul Maul
18-21, M
1 Response Mar 5, 2009

I've seen Sunshine, and yes, Cillian Murphy's acting is amazing! One scene that stuck with me is when Searle was preparing him for the second time and when he asked Capa, Cillian's character, if hes okay, the look on Cillian's face was so intense it just melted my heart!<br />
Which scene are you talking about? I really really want to know :)

I suppose the scene is when he feel down in his suit and tried to push himself up, that was really intense. Whatever Cillian does is awesome though!