Fantasy Cinderella


do u ever think you want be lost princess or Cinderella I do because I never felt real love I always felt fake love because love is not playing games or joke around aim I right because love is always passion if u met right person in your life like Prince Charming is still looking for his lost love with Cinderella & princess about my life is always have been Cinderella & fairy tales in my life of a story because there this cutie boy that I really like even he likes me but it would be hard just talk each other because he is popular handsome guy I ever met in 6 grade my hole life he his always there in my school years even my friend  but every time he see me he always stares at me I do the same thing as him we always see us awkward times because when he see me he will stop working & listen my conversations The hole time every time I go the Aztecs boys basketball games he well stare at me every time go there he was happy see me he is very shy he his a football player always he likes sports that's a good thing because my family is a big fan of sports so he will get long by everyone he works la jolla beach club all my sister friends I told about him & they saw him at 4 th July 2011 my sister friends what he look like & I told them look behind u that's him they say wow he hot guy I say yes he his some reason he makes me super happy even my heart starts beating I wish I could see him again but he his far way far way where I live he works sometimes I don't see him or sometimes I do I think he his the right person for me .....
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May 9, 2012