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So far this year seems to be a Kate Winslet year. I have seen 4 of her films. Titanic, Revolutionary Road, Little Children and The Reader. Which did I like best? I'm not sure. I thought I'd like Revolutionary Road because she was once again paired with Leonardo DiCaprio. Though if I had to choose, I'd say Little Children. This film was well organized, there was so much said without any screenplay. You could feel and see the yearning from the characters, wanting something, yet not being sure how to find it. The ending isn't predictable either. Yes, I would say this was my favorite this year. Now that being said, I've seen Titanic at least 10 times before and I very much liked this film as well. Whereas the others were all first viewings. There's a huge contrast between Titanic and The Reader. Like one extreme to the other. Yes, both are about deep seated feelings. In Titanic those are held by Kate Winslet's character, In The Reader those are held by Ralph Finnes' (co-star) character.

Out of all her films I really liked Jude and Sense and Sensibility as well. Jude was a darkly lit film about dishonor and desire. By contrast Sense and Sensibliity was adapted for film from a Jane Austin story of longing. I think Kate enjoys a character with internal strife. This is a theme with all the films I seen.  Like my other stories, I have made a listing of those I've viewed below and when they were made.

Sense and Sensibility '95
Jude '96
Titanic '97
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind '04
Little Children '06
The Reader '08
Revolutionary Road '08

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4 Responses Feb 24, 2010

Thank you for the tip easynow.

try Heavenly Creatures<br />
dir by Peter Jackson. Its a bit different.<br />

Yes, EveOfEden your right. I had never thought about it before. She always seems like she's deep in profound thought. Hmmm great insight. I guess that's why those kinds of films really really suit her. <br />
<br />
I think she was offered the Oscar not because this performance was any better than her other films, I think she was considered because this role presented her skills in a less appealing way.

I love Kate Winslet, her face has a profound expressiveness to it. Every emotion that appears on it seems to have a deepness, a resonance from far within.<br />
<br />
I saw Sense and Sensibility so long ago I completely forgot she was in that. I'll have to rewatch that one. I've never heard of Little Children or Jude.<br />
<br />
The Reader was very enjoyable, and her I thought her Oscar well deserved.