Best Cereal Of All Time

That's really all there is to say.  This is my favorite cereal.  Nothing else comes close.
Susanlikesmail Susanlikesmail 26-30 1 Response May 12, 2011

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I dion't think we have that stuff over here in England,

Perhaps we're not alive,

We got plenty of porridge, flavoured with stuff from a hive,

But it it ain't that on which we wholly thrive,

Cornflakes n' Bacon n' eggs, n' Yorkshire tea,

Did you ever see the dreggs?

When I were a baker, when I was a lad,

I remember when the first Mcdonalds bacame a fad,

Everybody lived on beefburgers n' cheese,

While we learned about the birds n' the bees,

Yep' Mcdonalds became an institution for carnal knowledge,

N' in the morning we had tea n' PORRIDGE!

So I was a baker, n' I was the target for the cheap p....taker,

Do you get plenty o' bread, plenty o' dough''

bet it's a crummy old job though!!

I made stuff wi' cinnamon, n' nutmeg,

French Sticks n' cobs, rolls n' muffins,

Roasted turkeys wi' loads a stuffin,

Mince pies n' hot cross buns were always my dread,

Why could'nt people just stick t' bread,

Crusties they called us, n' in many cases,

That's what bakers were, dozy musty rusty crusties,

Nope I don't think we have cinnamon toast crunch,

I dare say Mcdonalds' ll have it on their menu soon,

Cinnamon toast crunch in the morning,

After a night at Mcdonalds, learning carnal knowledge,

Instead of the usual tea n' porridge!!!!