Stress Buster

Going out at night is a real stress-buster. At night there is so much to entertain that you forget your problems for a few hours or all night! There is nothing like city night life, from New Haven to Jacksonville, if it's a city there will be things to do to get it crackin!
Going out alone is fun and has a calming side to it. Peaceful. Going out with friends is great for really painting the town red, though! I like going out in the city at night alone for peace, but with others for some crazy fun!
I prefer jazz lounges, bars (I have gotten used to the appreciation for a great bartender...a great bartender-mixology skills and personality-is vital), art exhibits, restaurants, movies, bowling and clubs. I stopped the nightclub scene for awhile because people get stupid, but I do go once in a while, again, for livelier fun when I'm feelin great! Movies are a fave past-time.
The feeling of going out at night in the city versus during the day is different in that things become more relaxed and more free! Oh, and more LIVELY! Even to just walk around a city at night and do nothing else feels vibrant. I love the city!
The lights are gleaming and the colorings of lights against buildings and people is awesome. Going home is almost sad! And what is going out in the city at night w/out The Waffle House or similar?? That completes a long night of fun!! Then hit the sack to snore it all off...
Cynic4Life Cynic4Life
31-35, F
Mar 9, 2012