New York Nights

At night I go to the roof of my building and watch all the different colored lights of the city. The various tones coming from apartment windows, streetlights, and most of all the bridges. I love watching the lights on the george washington and brooklyn bridge. I can never get over how much beauty it holds, especially when it is backed up, full of cars with the shades of headlights. Even the train, watching the bright lights of the metal screeching beast as it shows it's head for a few stops before diving back into the tunnels of the city. And of course, the infamous Times Square.....But I also love that even at 3 o clock in the morning, you can find people in the streets, on the train, and in nightclubs with music blasting for blocks. I don't think I will ever feel completely at home unless I am in a big city.

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1 Response Jan 18, 2010

There's something magical about cities and towns at night. I have so many visual memories of just that. It's amazing.