My Childhood Through Cars

Being born in 1965 I grew up in the muscle car era, days when a rowdy little boy could stand on the "hump" and hold onto the headrests from the back seat and watch the world come through the windshield. I remember the summers with no A/C, windows down blowing my "summer blonde" hair in every direction as I listened to the radio through a lone dash speaker while the scavenger pipes crackled when my mother double clutched and down shifted the 1965 327 Malibu SS that was the family car.
I remember my dad taking me to "help" work on the the orange, 426 Hemi powered, straight axle '41 Willy's dubbed "The Vitamin C". It was a true kid magnet sitting a mile in the air, roaring through straight pipes like a bizzillion lions, and "Red Baron Snoopy" machine gunning from both doors. My grandpa and Uncle both wrenched on the car and worked at the shop that owned it so I was a welcome mascot until riding in the chase truck didn't provide enough thrills an I threw a screaming crying fit because they wouldn't let me ride in the car for a pass.

I remember sliding my "Cheater Slick" banana yellow bicycle to a skidding stop so that I could admire the sky high towel rack on the back of a Superbird, the shark profile of a '66 427 vette or the crazy whine of a roots blower sitting windshield high on a '55 shevy.

I remember cowl induction hoods, shaker hoods, Bahama blue, curious yellow, Here come da judge, GTO tiger, Hey charger!, air shocks, slapper bars, Cragar s/s, Keystone classics, side pipes, glass packs, elephant motors, rat motors and days when the Nascar cars were actual CARS!
I miss my yellow bike and the days were these monsters were driven by the older, industrious kids that pumped gas and cut yards, not by old men who trade them for crazy sums of money in a large tent in the desert. I miss cars where seat belts were an option, brakes locked, the 8 tracks went "cha chunk" in the middle of a song and you could hear the car running.
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Guess your not a Ford lover well i am and i still have my muscle from my younger days it is a 66 mustang fastback and i remember all of those things and still live some of them!!

WOW! You are right I sure left the ford guys out! That's really odd because one of my favorite cars was an orange 1969 Cougar Eliminator that sat at the end of my grandma's road. I loved the fact that BURT REYNOLDS made a 4door LTD cool in white lightning. My apologies to all the blue oval faithful!