The Ghost & Mrs. Muir

Many years ago, I was working at a hotel, and had a terrible shift, just everything that could go wrong went wrong, by the time I left to go home, it was pouring rain, like a monsoon. I got home drenched & chilled to the bone, the messages on my answering machine were from my drunk stepmother ranting and raving about something I did or didn't do that was wrong.

By the time I settled down, it was late and I couldn't sleep so I turned on the television at the time the credits were starting for the Ghost & Mrs. Muir, the movie transported me, and I got completely lost for two hours (this was before cable companies completely took over, it was on a public broadcasting station so there were no commercials or pledge campaigns) and I was transfixed to the very last scene when Captain Gregg walks through the fog to reach out to Mrs. Muir, and when he says "you'll never be tired again" - I lost it, and burst out crying and I laid on my floor and cried and cried....I ended up falling asleep on the floor...and it was that movie that released all my sorrows and griefs for the day.

I love classic films, and hold onto cable because I love Turner Classic Movies, and would be bereft without those beautiful movies....
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The first time I saw Ghost & Mrs. Muir was a few weeks after my mother died. Like Lucy Muir, she was a young, beautiful widow. She never remarried; never even dated. She always said "I had your father. I had the best. I'm happy with that." She missed him for the rest of her life. So I saw this movie and when the Captain comes to get her in the end, I thought of my father coming for my mother and just knew it had happened exactly that way for them. I sat on my couch and cried for a solid hour, just missing them both.

Beautiful story, thank you so much for sharing it with me. It is sounds as if your mom was a strong lady, not many women are able to go it alone and if they do they are very rarely as serene. God Bless

Thank you, Need2Believe. If I could become half the woman she was, I will have succeeded. Sending good thoughts your way.