Bring Back The Real Music, The Talented Musicians

Growing up my high school years were in the middle to late seventies. The "Mighty Met" was playing on the radio in Chicago, with bands like Zepplin. Nugent, Floyd, Seager,and many more with so many different sounds. Bands of Rock would never enter the bubblegum top 40 hits, because they would be  marked as all the others who came and went with "A Hit" , fall from the charts to nowhere land.

  When we bought an album back then we were able to listen to the whole album, maybe there were a song or two that did not connect but we still listened. For me I never really listened to what the words were saying even though I sang plenty along with them.I always listen to the blend of instruments being played and the voice that was singing like an instrument. Mostly I listen to the sounds of the drummer, he sets the beat of the song, the pace, is it fast , slow, or all in-between. With most of what is played today "heard one, Heard em all" especially in the same old rap or solo performer, it seems like that all there is, and I choose not to listen.

Bring back the Bands! I still listen to Classic Rock, because that is what I enjoy, the memories are embeded into me along with the feelings i recieved. Those were my good old days being care free, and all these years later I can recall from those memories when playing the music that will never die and life is good.
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51-55, M
Jul 29, 2010