I Mioght Be A Wee Bit Drunk Right About Nowish

Just now I drank about 4 ounces of scotrch and 3 beers while wathcing a pretty dog gane good movie which is set in the 70's even though it was filmed in the earlyish 90's. It is probably the exact wrong movie to watch while drinking if you were alive in the 1970's. I was alive in the 1970's. i am referring to "Dazed and Confused". Great movie. I'll probably buy a copy of it when I have some of this money stuff to spare.

Does getting drunk on so little mean I'm a lite weight? If so, oh freaking well.

You might be thinking, "What does this movie have to do with music?" My answer: The sound track is full of pretty dog gone good classic rock. Ironicallt, not inckuded on the soundtrack is "Dazed and Confused", by Led Zepplin. The reason have to do with the filmmakers not being able to get permission to use it from Robert Plant, or whoever holds the copyright for it.
gingershuman gingershuman
41-45, M
Sep 15, 2012