ROCK and Roll

I  grew  up in 1953and for me music was very inportant .On one special nite in 1964 in feb, on the ED SULLIVAN show ED INTROUDCED THE BEATLES for me it was the most inportant  musical statement of that  era, THEY were so good just about everybody loved them. they were indeed the trend setters of that era hit after hit .THERE was,not a beatle album i did not like.tere were other artists that were also very good in that era the stones  the doors JIMI HENDRIX  and many  and  many more and they were all very successful, But for me the BEATLES were the best. and in 1968on the david frost show  i believe in aug they played HEY JUDE THE BEATLES highpoint of their carrier THAT SONG remained no1 for 9 weeks in america, the beatles biggest selling single.THEBEATLES BROKE UP IN 1970 AND MANY bands have come and gone from led zepplen the eaglesand many more but to me the beatles were the best of them all

mycuzinvinni mycuzinvinni
46-50, M
Feb 23, 2009