Stuck In the Past

I am someone born in the eighties who used to spend hours upon hours playing the NES and SNES systems.  I still enjoy playing them and still own both systems as well as an N64.  I mainly dislike the newest systems because of price and the direction video games are taking where gameplay is second to graphics and violenece and how controversial a game is.  I would rather buy SNES games through online stores (I prefer Amazon) and play those than even bother with the new systems.  I guess I am just stuck in the past.

I am still discovering games for these old systems I never played before like illusion of Gaia and Startropics.  There are many online places to purchase older systems for relatively cheap 9 a refurbished NES cost 69.99 with wires and controllers off and games range from 2-20 bucks (except the super rare like Chrono Trigger) and feel these are better ways to spend money than shelling a whopping 500 for a system.  The golden age of gaming may be gone but I still enjoy the nostalgia.

quincyman quincyman
22-25, M
1 Response Jan 22, 2008

Move forward, times have changed.